UPDATE   16/9/2020

 New album "Synaxarion" is an album consisting of tracks previously included in various compilations, plus one unreleased track entitled "Mourning".
All tracks written between 2018 - 2019.

Listen to it HERE

UPDATE   5/6/2018


Our self-titled debut album is now available on Vinyl released by Hammerheart Records in two versions.


UPDATE   22/4/2018

We are proud to present you this amazing cassette tape release of our debut album by Urtod Void!

"A wooden box containing a music cassette, a metal pendant with a smalll jewellery bag and a little piece of blue moss (collected in our forests). Wooden box and the tape paper case were screen printed."



UPDATE   14/3/2018


You can now discover our music in our official BANDCAMP page 




UPDATE   23/1/2018


We announce you that our album will be also available in cassette tape format released

by Urtod Void. This will be a very special & limited edition release. We will soon reveal more about it.

UPDATE   5/1/2018


Our self-titled debut album will be released on LP by Hammerheart Records (April 2018). Hammerheart Records has been releasing ambient folk music for many years (remember Hagalaz Runedance) and when they heard our album they decided to do a co-operation with us and release our album on vinyl.



UPDATE   4/1/2018


Last track entitled



taken from the upcoming CD album of Martyria which will be released in January 8th 2018 by Malignant Records.




UPDATE   18/11/2017

 First track entitled



taken from the upcoming album of Martyria which will soon be released by Malignant Records.


UPDATE   14/11/2017

 Martyria are featured in this month's issue of 


Zero Tolerance Magazine  #081


in the DARK ENTRIES | DARK AMBIENT section. 

UPDATE   9/11/2017

The second track entitled




from our debut album which will be released soon by


Malignant Records.